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At Mcrobieadams we offer unbiased advice that is tailored to suit you. Our practices are constantly reviewed to ensure all of our advice and our service is always second to none.

We provide constant training and development programmes to all of our employees so that our mortgage advisers are able to provide the best advice and can adapt to the evolving mortgage market.

Our mortgage advisers spend a large amount of time working closely with their clients to be able to understand their personal and financial needs, so if you are looking at taking out a mortgage in Bristol you can rest assured knowing our advisers will do their best to find the right one for you.

Once we have a better understanding of you and your financial circumstances, we then search the entire mortgage market to find the right mortgage for you, comparing various aspects including lenders criteria, affordability and deposit percentage. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking to remortgage or even searching for a second home, we will work with you every step of the way to get the right mortgage for you.

Our process consists of getting to know you and your current situation, the type of property you’re looking at and the price of the property. This will help us assess your circumstances and show us the best way to proceed. Once we fully understand your personal situation, we then research the entire mortgage market to find the one that best suits you. When we are happy we have the right solution for you and your needs, we’ll present it to you in an easy to understand document and you can bring any queries forward.

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Mortgage Advice Bristol

While finding the best rate online is easy, finding out different lender’s criteria, how much they will lend you or if they will lend to you at all can be more difficult. Many lenders take different amounts of your income into account and if you have overtime or commission no two lenders will be the same. That’s where we come in.

Our mortgage brokers in Bristol, UK are experienced professionals who understand the specific criteria which lenders expect clients to follow when making applications. Our brokers are keen to help anyone looking for mortgage advice, whether they are buying for the first time or already have multiple properties.

As whole of market mortgage advisers, we are able to source mortgages from private banks, high street banks, broker only lenders, and building societies. Most of these lenders you will have heard of but some you may not. We do this to ensure that our clients can get the most cost-effective finance solution available to them.

Things to consider when you’re choosing a property in Bristol

When you’re looking for the right deal for you, it is important to have an idea of how much you can realistically afford to spend. The best way to do this is to calculate your budget from your income and all of your expenses. Be sure to take into account any work that may need to be done on the property, as well as furnishings you might need. Our advisers will go through this process with you before recommending a suitable mortgage.

Whenever you want to purchase a house, our Mortgage Brokers in Bristol will take various associated costs into account. We will advise you when it comes to protecting yourselves in the future, including building and contents insurance, income protection, life and critical illness insurance. We understand the market and know what is required. Therefore, we give you a breakdown of everything you are expected to pay, duration of payment, and how it benefits you.

It can be useful to think about the area you are looking to move to and what facilities are nearby. This can include shopping centres, parks, restaurants, schools and anything else that is important to your lifestyle. You should also consider how close to your place of work you will be, how long it will take you to commute each day and how much that will cost.


We don’t charge for our advice. Instead, we simply charge a fee for processing your mortgage application. Our typical fee is £500, however the actual fee will depend on your circumstances.